Zeroneum Emollient Bath Additive for contact dermatitis, eczema and dry skin - 500ml

Zeroneum Emollient Bath Additive for contact dermatitis, eczema and dry skin - 500ml

  • Soothing treatment for eczema and dry skin
  • Cleansing & moisturising bath oil with gentle fragrance
  • 80% soya bean oil base
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Zeroneum Emollient Bath Additive is another product in the Thornton & Ross Zeroderma range. It is designed to compete directly with the well-established Balneum bath additive, containing many of the same ingredients but retailing at a slightly lower price.

Zeroneum is a soothing bath treatment that helps to relieve the dry skin associated with eczema, contact dermatitis, and other similar conditions.

The clear, golden yellow oil combines cleansing and moisturising in one liquid that can replace the need for soap. It should be added to bath water to provide a whole-body moisturising solution, with the emollient leaving a fine layer of oil on the upper skin layers to reduce evaporation and leave the skin feeling softer and smoother.

Its active ingredient is the same soya oil that forms the basis of Balneum and it is also similarly lightly fragranced.

The emollient is designed for use by children and infants, is SLS-free, and contains no other common irritants.


The ingredients in Zeroneum Emollient Bath Additive are:

  • Soya bean oil
  • Macrogol laurel ether (laureth-4)
  • Comperlan (oleic acid diethanolamide)
  • Butylated hydroxytoluene
  • Propylene glycol
  • Perfume


Adults should add 20ml of the liquid to a standard bath of warm water. Immerse in the bath water, ensuring all affected areas of skin are submerged, and soak for around 10-20 minutes.

Gently pat dry with a towel once you exit the bath.

For infants and children, add just 5ml of liquid to bath water or sponge the diluted solution over the affected areas. Pat gently with a towel afterwards.


Zeroneum Bath Additive should be kept out of children’s reach and used externally only. Avoid any contact with the eyes.

This product contains soya bean oil, so people with hypersensitivity to soya, peanut, or any of the other ingredients should not use it. If there is an adverse reaction, stop using the bath additive and consult with your skin doctor or pharmacist.

Take extra care when you or your child get out of the bath, as oil residue can make bathroom surfaces more slippery than usual.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you should be able to use this product safely, as directed. However, if unsure, check first with your doctor.

Side Effects

Rarely, contact sensitivity and mild skin irritation results from using Zeroneum. Stop using if there is a reaction.

No reported interactions with any other medicines exist.

Research & Evidence

For people with Psoriasis

HelloSkin’s experts have been unable to find any scientific data on the use of Zeroneum Bath Oil and its ingredients in people with psoriasis.

NB! Zeroneum contains soya bean oil. If you are allergic to peanut or soya do not use this product.

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