Tepso Gloves Night Protector

Tepso Gloves Night Protector

  • Special night gloves for protecting sensitive hands
  • Elastic material that fits to hand shape
  • Gloves prevent psoriasis creams from rubbing off
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Tepso Gloves Night Protector is a creative answer to one of the main problems that psoriasis sufferers face.

Itching associated with such skin conditions can prevent a good night’s rest. When creams or ointments are applied at night to relieve the itching, some of the cream can rub off onto surfaces that the hands come into contact with, like sheets and pillows.

The gloves ensure that these medicines do not penetrate outside and remain inside the glove on the hand, where they can have most benefit.

The inner sides of Tepso gloves are designed to leave the skin on the hands feeling fresh and soothed; the material has elastic qualities that shape the glove to the contours of your hand, for maximum comfort.

Studies using Tepso® material have shown a significant reduction of lesions, potentially leading to a reduction in the usage of creams. The material is low in friction and remains effective over time, as it is not simply coated, but is an actual patented material.

The gloves can lead to better rest and result in a greater quantity of the psoriasis cream or ointment in contact with the skin for maximum benefit.

What are the gloves made of?

Tepso Gloves Night Protector consist of the following materials:

  • 90% Tepso®
  • 8% Polyamide
  • 2% Elastane

Tepso® fabric is very compact, with high external density. It is extremely smooth and this helps it to minimise skin friction when wearing (it has an extremely low friction coefficient).


When wearing these gloves in conjunction with psoriasis creams and ointments, small spots or stains may form on the gloves. These are easily washed out by hand.

Handwashing ensures a lower risk of detergent residues affecting the textiles, and helps to protect the integrity of the fabric.

The gloves are colour-fast, and will maintain a stable shape even after washing frequently. The function of the gloves is not generally affected by detergents or temperatures.


Use Tepso Gloves Night Protector at night. A more robust version of the gloves is available for standard wear during the day.

Note that these gloves are designed as an addition to your normal treatment rather than a replacement.

Tepso® yarn does not react with other material.

Research & Evidence

For people with Psoriasis

Our experts at HelloSkin didn't find any clinical data on the use of Tepso Gloves Night Protector in people with psoriasis or other related skin conditions.

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