Nilens Jord Cleansing Milk for Sensitive, Acne-Prone Skin - 250ml

  • Gentle cleanser for all skin types
  • Fragrance-free & paraben-free
  • Removes impurities & make-up
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Nilens Jord Cleansing Milk is a gentle, moisturising cleanser that avoids most of the potentially harmful irritants that may be found in similar products.

It is fragrance-free and contains no parabens or essential oils.

The cleansing milk is formulated to provide a deep cleanse, removing dirt and impurities from the skin’s surface. It is also effective in removing make-up.

Rather than drying the skin out, this cleanser contains active ingredients that help the skin maintain its moisture levels, such as the humectant glycerin, which helps the skin to attract water.

With regular use over time, Nilens Jord Cleansing Milk will help your skin to maintain a soft and healthy feel as well as keeping it clean and free of impurities.

This cleansing milk is part of the Nilens Jord range, which includes other skin care and make-up products suitable for sensitive skin.


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Apply Nilens Jord Cleansing Milk to the face, taking extra care around the eyes. Using a cotton pad, remove the milk with gentle motions of the hand.

It should be used twice a day for best results and, after cleansing, you can apply your preferred serum and/or moisturiser.


Nilens Jord Cleansing Milk is for external use only. Keep away from children and avoid contact with the eyes.

Before use, check for hypersensitivities in the list of ingredients. If you experience a reaction, stop using the cleansing milk and speak to a doctor or pharmacist, if symptoms persist.

Side Effects

Nilens Jord Cleansing Milk is not known to cause any side effects.

Scientific Research

For people with Acne

HelloSkin’s experts were unable to find clinical data on the use of Nilens Jord Cleansing Milk in people with acne. However, if you place the cursor over any of its ingredients listed above, you can get more information on whether some ingredients have been investigated in people with acne.

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