Jasmine Moisturising Cotton Sleep Socks - one size, white

Jasmine Moisturising Cotton Sleep Socks - one size, white

  • Helps improve absorption
  • Made specially for skin moisturisation on the feet
  • Gentle cotton textile with little skin friction
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The moisturising cotton socks will pamper your feet while you are sleeping. Wear them over your cream, lotion or ointment to help the product penetrate into your skin while you sleep. This can help relieve the pain for a better night’s sleep.

The socks are specially made for skin moisturisation. The cotton material, which causes little friction and is gentle to the skin, seals your feet for a better effect, and you avoid greasing the floor, clothing, and bedding when applying your feet with emollients or topical medication.

The socks are made specially to improve the absorption of your preferred moisturiser for added hydration and nourishment. This will benefit people with dry, cracked or chapped skin on their feet. The socks come in one size that fit most people.

Moisturising cotton socks are made of:

  • 97% cotton
  • 3% elastane


Apply your preferred emollient and gently massage it into your feet. Let the application absorb for a few minutes, then put on the socks.


Avoid washing the moisturising cotton socks using regular laundry detergent that contains fragrance and other harsh chemicals, as these can cause irritation to your skin.

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