Dyson Humidifier For Dry Skin

Dyson Humidifier For Dry Skin

  • The hygienic way to hydrate air in any room
  • Helps prevent dry skin outbreaks and maintain healthy temperature & humidity
  • 2-year guarantee
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Just as there are many causes of dry skin, there are many ways to combat it. The Dyson Humidifier For Dry Skin uses the latest ultraviolet cleanse technology to safely and hygienically hydrate the air in any room in which it is placed.

It monitors the environment using intelligent climate control and is able to automatically maintain optimal temperature and humidity - at the touch of a button.

Many people suffer from dry skin in the winter, when the air is cold and dry. In severe cases, it can crack the skin, severely dry out the sinuses, and create breathing problems.

Humidifiers are not a new way to help deal with this problem. However, some humidifiers on the market gather bacteria in their water tanks; people in the room are then exposed to these bacteria as the mist is blown out - potentially leading to skin irritation or other health problems.

The Dyson Humidifier For Dry Skin poses far less risk of this due to the ultraviolet cleanse technology that kills 99.9% of bacteria. While the technology can be harsh on commonly used household materials, this humidifier is made of military-grade plastic that is used in the construction of jet engines.

It produces a fine and comfortable mist to hydrate air and is suitable for use in quite large rooms. It can be used safely in bedrooms all through the night and all year round, whatever the season. It hydrates air evenly and quietly.

The Dyson Humidifier For Dry Skin can work hygienically alongside your existing dry skin treatments, helping to reduce flare ups due to the dry air.


The Dyson Humidifier For Dry Skin is simple to operate and, once set up, automatically maintains optimal temperature and humidity in the room at the touch of a button.

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