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A dedicated team of doctors, entrepreneurs and ecommerce specialists

An online store for people living with Psoriasis, Eczema, Acne & Dry Skin

We search the world for suitable skin care products, so you don’t have to.

HelloSkin is the number one online store for emollients, nutrition supplements, accessories and selected over-the-counter products for people living with psoriasis, eczema, acne and dry skin. Our team of experts research all products for scientific evidence and we present the information for you to make a considered choice for your skin. Our mission is to provide transparency in the product selection for people living with a skin condition and provide you with all available product information at one place.

At HelloSkin you can shop by need, type and ingredient, or if you are not sure exactly what you are looking for, you can try our visual product finder, which is developed by our experts to help you find suitable products for your skin.

The team

We are a versatile team of dedicated people striving to make life easier for people living with a skin condition.

Daniel Jensen

Daniel Jensen

Co-founder & CEO

Chris Christiansen

Chris Christiansen

Co-founder & Operations Manager

John Zibert

John Zibert

Medical Director
Ph.D., M.Sc., B.Sc.

Anders Daniel Andersen

Anders Daniel Andersen

Senior Scientific Advisor
Ph.D., M.Sc., B.Sc.

Josefine Østerby

Josefine Østerby

Operations Assistant

Yngvi Karlson

Yngvi Karlson

Marketing Manager

HelloSkin - our journey, our fight

We launched HelloSkin on the 4th of July, 2016. This marked the end of a long journey of exploring, talking to, and learning from people living with psoriasis. A journey that sparked a passion in us for this cause.

Our journey started when we realised that there was no dedicated online store focusing on psoriasis, and that existing stores are lacking transparency and depth in product information. We want to change this.

We decided to build a store providing non-prescription products, nutritional supplements and accessories serving the need of people with psoriasis conditions.

Our vision was to perform the most thorough research on every single product or item that we add to the store. We set out to develop a web store where people can make calculated purchase decisions based on transparent and objective product information.

For 3 months we co-developed and tested HelloSkin together with people living with psoriasis. The 4th of July 2016 marked the end of developing HelloSkin Psoriasis Store and the beginning of continuous improvements and a battle towards building a better web store every single day based on the inputs we get from the experts - you.

Our hope is to get support from the psoriasis community to make this a destination that reflects help, transparency and guidance.

Our research approach

Ingredient evidence

A product has ingredient evidence when one or more ingredients have been scientifically tested in people with psoriasis, eczema or acne and found beneficial.

Product evidence

A product has product evidence when the product has been scientifically tested in people with psoriasis, eczema or acne and found beneficial.

Best in category

A product is awarded this badge when it has the highest user rating in its product category.

A sweet love affair between HelloSkin and LEO Innovation Lab

Innovating to improve life of people with skin diseases

HelloSkin is developed by LEO Innovation Lab, an independent unit established by LEO Pharma as part of a long-term strategic decision to focus on patients’ needs.

We do not develop medical treatments, but we look at all the aspects of daily life that can affect a person with a skin condition.

LEO Pharma is owned fully by the LEO Foundation with no shareholders. The profits are reinvested in developing new solutions to support the overall mission:To help people achieve healthy skin.

The unique ownership structure makes it possible to run a unit like LEO Innovation Lab with the goal of making a difference for people living with a skin condition.

You can also explore other psoriasis focused projects by LEO Innovation Lab

QualityCare™ is a free personalised support programme for people living with psoriasis with over 60,000 members worldwide. Features include the Blogger Universe with real stories from real people, advice on Diet and Nutrition as well as a Stress Management programme. The QualityCare™ programme also features the MyPso app, where you can log symptoms and triggers, map trends and progress and download results to share with your doctor. Sign up today for free meaningful support on everyday topics that are important to you: Click here

Albas Post

Alba’s Post explores potential relations between foods and psoriasis, to help people better cope with their disease. For example, start by reading about psoriasis diets here.


Treat is a mobile app that gives you access to a personal nutrition coach that helps you transform your diet 
and calm the inflammation that can cause your symptoms.


PsoHappy is the first digital study measuring happiness for people living with psoriasis. PsoHappy aims to document the effect of psoriasis on the levels of happiness that people experience. We want to be active advocates for addressing happiness inequalities that may affect people with psoriasis.

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