Scaly skin

What is scaly skin? - Build up of silvery scales is a common feature of psoriasis. This is partly a consequence of the increased cell renewal in the skin and their subsequent inadequate maturation processes.

In people with psoriasis, the immune system causes the skin cells to regenerate in a matter of days instead of weeks or months in people with normal skin. This causes the layers of skin to build up, and the blood flow increases in an attempt to nourish the skin. This is also what causes swelling and redness.

How do I deal with scaly and flaky skin?

Applying moist to the affected areas may help clear superficial scales. This will make your plaques look better and allow for easier application of other treatments that you may apply to your skin. It has also been suggested that this can help enhance the penetration of such topical therapeutics into your skin. Also, keratolytic agents may break down hyperkeratotic skin and thus remove the build up of scale.

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