PurePharma is a Danish company, founded in 2009 to help bridge the gap between the nutrients our bodies need and what our food provides. The argument is that, with modern agricultural methods, the food we eat today is stripped of many of the natural nutrients that our bodies require to remain healthy. PurePharma makes a range of pure and natural supplements that are designed to make up for this shortfall.

Designed for everyone, from those looking to boost their everyday energy levels and overall health, to athletes looking for peak performance, the PurePharma supplements contain vitamins, minerals, and essential oils that may also be beneficial to psoriasis sufferers.

Staying fit and healthy gives you a better chance of successfully fighting any condition; but there is evidence, for example, that the long chain omega-3 fatty acids from fish oils can benefit people with psoriasis, helping to reduce inflammation. Vitamin D3 may also help with the condition.

Similarly, a well-balanced gut microbiota is considered essential to promote general well-being, so symbiotic doses may be of some benefit if you are suffering from a skin condition or other health problem.

The PurePharma O3 Ultra Pure Fish Oil, SB3 Synbiotics, and Vitamin D3 supplements are all available here in the HelloSkin online store.

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We are the first online store dedicated to people living with psoriasis. On the site you can see our selection of products that we have researched, and try our visual product finder to find products that fit your condition.

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