What is lactate? - Lactate is an organic acid that exists naturally in our skin. In the skin, lactate works partly by attracting and binding water, as one of the components in the so-called natural moisturising factor [1]. This serves to keep the upper skin layers well-hydrated, which is important for sustaining the skin barrier function [2].

Replenishing the supply of NMF components such as lactate in dry skin could be a natural way to help support skin hydration levels and thereby proper skin functions.


+ A natural element that works by binding and attracting water


- No clear evidence of the effects of lactate in psoriasis

What we know about lactate and psoriasis

The levels of natural moisturising factor have been shown to be reduced in psoriatic lesions [3] and in eczematous skin [1] compared with healthy skin.

In high concentrations, lactate may further help loosen scales which can then subsequently be removed. The exact mechanisms for this are not yet completely understood, but thought partly to be through disintegrating some of the components that hold cells together [4].

HelloSkin’s experts could not find any clinical data of the specific effects of lactate on people with psoriasis. However, in one study in human volunteers, topical application of 12% ammonium lactate was able to limit the skin damage to the forearm inflicted by use of a potent steroid for 3-4 weeks [5].



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