The Diprobase brand is part of the Bayer Group: the global pharmaceutical and agricultural enterprise headquartered in Germany.

The Diprobase range was first introduced 30 years ago and includes

What is Diprobase cream for?

The Diprobase cream is marketed more towards eczema sufferers than people with psoriasis. However, those with psoriasis may want to consider the treatments in the management of their condition, as the products have the ability to soothe sore and dry skin.

Diprobase cream emollient relieves the symptoms of inflamed and red skin that is dry, damaged or chapped.

Diprobase cream emollient 500g is perfect for areas which require quick moisturising. Find Diprobase cream 500g in the webshop.

Diprobase ointment

Diprobase ointment is an emollient, moisturising and protective ointment used for the treatment of dry skin conditions as eczema and dermatitis. Diprobase 500g is available in the webshop.

Diprobase Lotion

Diprobase lotion is a highly moisturising lotion that will help to soothe, hydrate and protect your skin. It is recommended to use Diprobase lotion after washing to prevent the loss of essential oils from your skin.

Diprobase ingredients

One of the Diprobase emollients ingredients is paraffin, which helps to restore the skin’s protective barrier, that often becomes damaged by dry skin conditions. Poorly moisturised skin worsens the condition. By applying these creams and ointments, moisture is locked into the upper skin layers, helping the skin to feel softer and suppler, and relieving itching.

They can be used as often as required and Diprobase cream has cleansing properties, so can also be used as a soap substitute when washing and showering.

Diprobase ingredients don’t include fragrance, parabens, lanolin, and sodium lauryl sulphate - all of which can aggravate dry and sensitive skin.

What are Diprobase side effects?

Diprobase cream emollient side effects are rare. Get in contact with your doctor if you are worried about any possible side effects.

At HelloSkin we stock products for dry skin conditions ranging from mild to severe. Diprobase cream emollient is suitable for people with mild to moderate symptoms, while Diprobase ointment is best suited to people with more severe symptoms, and can be used during flare-ups.

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