Why should I choose a cream for my psoriasis? - Creams are easy to spread over sore skin and are relatively quickly absorbed into the skin, and do not stain clothes. Many people prefer creams for daytime use. Creams are a bit thicker and greasier than lotions.

Because of their relatively high lipid content, creams can be a good daytime choice also for dry skin. Still, to be most effective, creams should preferably be applied every 3-4 hours if possible, or when your skin feels dry. Creams are often the preferred choice for day-to-day use.

Like lotions, creams are also mixtures of water and lipids, but they typically contain more lipid than water. Because of the water in the formulation, it is necessary to add emulsifiers to ensure that lipid and water stay together, and preservatives to prevent bacterial contamination. Some people may experience sensitivity to some of these additional excipients.

Generally, emollients should not be applied by rubbing them into the skin, but rather they should be applied gently in a way that follow the lines of your hair.

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