How can accessories help my psoriasis? - If you are troubled with psoriasis on your hands and/or feet it is sometimes a good idea to use special cotton socks and gloves after applying your emollient. This will lock in the moist and help you from getting grease onto your clothes. At the same time this may allow you to do your everyday tasks with increased convenience.

If you have scalp psoriasis and use leave-on emollients overnight, sleeping caps could also be something for you.

How to increase comfort with clothing

1. Choose cotton

When comparing with other fabrics, cotton is less irritating and less likely to cause overheating. Whenever possible, wear lightweight cotton clothing and avoid materials like synthetic fabrics and wool, which have are more likely to cause skin irritation.

2. Launder without fragrance

Landry detergent with fragrance, perfume and other chemicals can aggravate your psoriasis. Choose laundry detergent without these preservatives to minimise skin irritation.

3. Wear loose clothing

Clothing that is too tight can rub existing lesions and cause pain and irritation. Therefore, choose light, loose clothing both day and night for better comfort.

4. Minimise the look of flakes

Skin flakes are more visible on dark colors. If the appearance of flakes and scales is a concern for you, wear light colours and patterns to hide it.

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