Are you constantly scratching a hidden itch on your scalp?

“ I started using Alphosyl 2 years ago after 30 years of an itching inflamed scalp which never seemed to be improved even by prescription medication. Within 2 weeks Alphosyl had cured the itch & scratch circle and for the 1st time in years my scalp is clear and I can wear black clothes without a shower of dandruff on my shoulders! It really works!“

If you are also living with dry skin, psoriasis or eczema, you know that itchy skin can be a very stressful and unpleasant experience, especially if it's on your scalp.

Itchy skin may even become painful from constant scratching and, in the most severe cases, infections can occur or plaques can join together to cover the whole scalp or spread to the forehead, behind the ears, the back of the neck, or elsewhere on the body.

But it is not only the itch, right? Treating it can be annoying and time-consuming, but some of the worst effects of scalp psoriasis and also eczema are emotional. Dandruff can be an annoyance and an embarrassment with flakes of skin cascading down from the hair to the shoulders. You might be self-conscious about what others might think, and this might lead to a feeling of isolation and not being understood.

We know it is not easy to accept, but you have to remember: there is no shame in having something that you have no control over and you should not allow it to get in the way of living your life and being happy.

We also know it is not easy to find the right product what can bring some relief. But we would like to help by showing you some of the products our PhD’s have researched for scientific evidence on and also some of our customers already tried:


So what can you try to relieve these symptoms and prevent your scalp psoriasis or eczema from worsening?

Scalp issues are not easy to treat with the usual creams, balms, and lotions. These are commonly applied to plaques on the rest of the body to slow down the cell production that leads to psoriasis, and to reduce inflammation. On the scalp, the hair obviously gets in the way. Even the latest blue light treatments for psoriasis are ineffective in this respect.

Generally, therefore, irritation and itchy scalp is managed with a combination of ointments and medicated shampoos that are massaged into the scalp to ease itching, soften plaques, and remove scales. People with thick plaques often require shampoos containing de-scaling agents such as coal tar, urea or lactic acid; in milder cases, emollients can be used.

From our research, we’ve found the following shampoos among the most effective for people with scalp psoriasis or eczema:

Aveeno Skin Relief Soothing Shampoo for dry and itchy scalp

Aveeno shampoo aim to soothe the itching and sensitivity associated with dry skin conditions. This shampoo has a gentle formula that soothes a sensitive and itchy scalp while cleansing the hair to leave it feeling healthy, soft, and shiny. Finely-milled (colloidal) oatmeal helps to moisturise the scalp, which may be very dry or damaged from a skin condition.

Alphosyl 2-in-1 Shampoo

Alphosyl 2 in 1 Shampoo is with herbal fragrance is developed for the treatment of itching scalp, dandruff, psoriasis, eczema and seborrhoeic dermatitis. The shampoo’s active ingredient is a coal tar extract that has anti-scaling properties and relieves scalp irritation and itching.

Oilatum Scalp Anti-Dandruff Shampoo for itchy, flaking scalps

This shampoo helps to remove the dandruff that forms from flaky skin on the scalp, and soothes itchy scalps that often result from dry skin conditions. Oilatum Scalp Anti-Dandruff Shampoo is pH-balanced, colour-free, and contains none of the common irritants that aggravate scalps. It is formulated with ciclopirox olamine, which is a synthetic antifungal agent that helps clear the flakes and scale associated with stubborn dandruff.

Do you want to try any of these products? Or are you looking for something else? They are all available here.  Try them for relief of your symptoms.




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