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Are you constantly scratching a hidden itch on your scalp?

“ I started using Alphosyl 2 years ago after 30 years of an itching inflamed scalp which never seemed to be improved even by prescription medication. Within 2 weeks Alphosyl had cured the itch & scratch circle and for the 1st time in years my scalp is clear and I...

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How do I cope with psoriasis on my hands and feet?

Suffering from psoriasis anywhere on the body can be distressing, but when the condition affects your hands or feet, it...

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Relief from Itchy Skin?

"Within 3 days of using the lotion my dry skin and scars from scratching had disappeared. I have spent so...

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Psoriasis Diet: What to eat & What to avoid

If you’re living with psoriasis you may have wondered how food affects your skin – or you might feel that...

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How does alcohol affect psoriasis?

Alcohol isn’t an essential part of our diets, but it plays a big role in social culture and having a glass of wine or beer...

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