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No more dry, cracked hands & feet. Get ready for summer.

"Moisture-rich hands: Working as a mechanic means my hands are in awful condition. They are dry and cracked and most creams just disappear into my skin. Flexitol creates a barrier and helps keep my hands soft." Itchy… red, dry and cracked skin… whether it’s your hands or feet, nothing will...

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Dealing with eczema: how to break the itch, scratch, itch cycle

Moisturise The first step in dermatitis itch control is moisturising with eczema-appropriate emollient creams or lotions. Research has shown that...

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Keeping sun-safe with eczema

Summer is on the way, and while it is important for everyone to protect their skin with sun cream, those...

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5 common acne myths busted

Acne is a very complex diagnosis. There are many types of acne, from occurring in random outbreaks to more persistent...

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Common psoriasis problem areas

Psoriasis manifests itself in different ways for different people, particularly when it comes to the parts of the body that...

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