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Pregnancy and psoriasis

If you suffer from psoriasis and are planning on starting a family, you may have many questions that need answering beforehand. It's advisable to talk to your doctor before you try to conceive for a baby, so that you can discuss the effects of any medication you may be taking....

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Why does it only “snow” on me?

It’s not the weather and it’s not your fault, it’s the flakes of scalp psoriasis. When it’s warm out, you...

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Coping with psoriasis at work

For lots of people, having psoriasis doesn't interfere with their job, but, for others, it can affect their daily work...

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Coffee and psoriasis

Statistics show coffee is the most commonly drunk beverage in the world. Linked with both positive and negative health effects1.,...

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Vitamin D

Nicknamed the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D is actually a hormone, which is made in response to UVB light hitting our...

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